18 April 2010

Sunday Favorite 28

For the full effect of today's Sunday Favorite, click it to embiggen. I don't think I need to expand on why it's a favorite.

This afternoon I fly out to San Francisco for work. I'll be there all week, flying home on Friday afternoon. Usually on these trips I only commute from my hotel to the training center in Alameda. This trip, however, I'm also going to be visiting two of our offices. Luckily both are within walking distance of my hotel.

I enjoy these work trips because it gives me the opportunity to meet up with friends. I'm lucky because they introduce me to new restaurants and areas of the city, which gets me out of the hotel.

If I don't post next week, you know why. I do plan to try to post though, even if it's something mundane!



Cubby said...

Have fun this week :-)

Howard said...

Have a great week. Today's hottie is excellent!

Bear Me Out said...

Have some fun! Well, not TOO much fun . . . .

Naw - on second thought, have too much. Just this once.