18 April 2010

In Memorial

Little did I know when I booked my flight to San Francisco that it was the anniversary of the 1906 Earthquake and Fire. At the corner of Market, Kearny, and Geary streets is the Lotta Crabtree fountain. Last year when I was here a friend and I walked by this fountain and he told me the story of how the fountain became a gathering place for the survivors and how opera star Luisa Tetrazzini gave a performance at this intersection for the City. Now on every April 18 the 1906 survivors (and others I'm sure) gather to remember. I snapped this picture of the wreath with my cell phone (I'd left my camera in my hotel room). Click here to read more about this bit of history.



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CJ/Rick said...

I hope you're having some fun as well as getting your job done. I haven't been to SF since 1988. It was one of my best trips ever but I do remember being panhandled every hour of everyday it seemed.

RAD said...

hope your having fun in SFO! I know you are!! :-)