31 May 2009

Good-Bye May

As we say good-bye to May, let us shed Spring and take on the mantle of Summer.

30 May 2009

What Do You See?

Before I get into the black & white picture postings, I wanted to share this picture I came across in my files. I know why I like this picture but before I say...what do you see in this picture? And no, I'm not talking the obvious leather muscle guy peeing or urinals or anything kinky. I'm talking about what it represents, what it depicts, the subliminal message. Here's what I see...a contrast of strength and vulnerability. I can't explain it much beyond that. I just know that I'll probably end up making this my computer screen wallpaper!

Black and White

I have always found black & white photography to be far more sensual and erotic than color photography. This picture, via Bears R Us (nsfw), is a prime example. In color, this hunky cub would look like any other hunky cub. In black & white, though, the light and shadows playing across his furriness and muscles makes him a cub god.

I'm thinking of a regular posting a la
David Dust's Hola Papi!, only my posts would be black & white photos of - what else - cubs, bears, and daddies. What do you think?

29 May 2009

Big Snake

I forget now what the story is about, some large reptile found somwhere or other. I'm not sure if I'm more impressed with the woman helping with this beast or the hot daddy behind her!

Eye Candy on the Train

In homage to Dwight Supremacy's SIRveillance....took this the other day with my cell phone - hence the crappy quality - but he had these remarkable tattoos on his chest.

27 May 2009

A Favorite Pic

I have no idea where I found this picture - off the Internet I'm assuming - but it is one of my favorites. I don't know if it's because these two guys are so hot, if it's the primitive feel to it, or just because it's of two guys kissing who appear in my eyes to be in love. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


I'm going to be honest...I personally have not taken much of the gay marriage debate to heart. Yes, I donated money to the No on 8 campaign last year. Yes, I had a bumper sticker in my truck window. And yes, if someone approached me about the topic I would debate the merits of the issue. Part of me hearkens back to the fundamentalist Christian upbringing that I had. And part of me thinks "Hey, if I were to find someone I wanted to marry why shouldn't I?" Being single can sometimes suck. But for the most part I believe I will always be single. I'm not really boyfriend material (my ex will definitely agree with me on that). Just because I don't want to get married though doesn't mean that my GLBT brothers and sisters shouldn't. I think the problem is that this country has allowed a reunion between Church and State. In last year's debate, many large organized religions banded together to get Prop 8 passed. We in our innate humanity thought that our friends and family would vote against it because - well hey they love/like us and they see the inherent absurdity of not allowing us to marry. But we were wrong. People reached deep into their core beliefs and we came up the losers. Putting this issue back onto the California ballot in 2010 will only result in another defeat. I don't mean to sound pessimistic but I honestly think that is the reality. So what do we do? Do we continue to educate, expend energy and money, and attempt this again? Or do we let sleeping dogs lie? I welcome your thoughts and comments...because I'm torn between getting really involved and just allowing my apathy to wash over me.

26 May 2009

It's Official

We are now second-class citizens. We do not have the civil right to marry nor do we have equal protection under the law. Although the judiciary has officially spoken, this is NOT the end of the debate and most certainly NOT the end of the fight for equality.

I suggest that since California thinks we are not worthy, that all GLBT community members should seriously consider moving out of California. This state is in trouble and our leaving would cripple it to no end. Aside from the obvious loss of tax money, every industry would be affected by the loss of our presence. Everything from shops to restaurants to the entertainment world to the financial world to personal services. If we're not good enough to be allowed to love and marry, then California is not good enough for our productiveness, money, and support. I would gladly move to another state that does not think I am a lesser person because of whom I love.

CONGRATULATIONS to those 18,000 +/- who were married while it was still "legal"; your unions stand as is and is a victory in itself.


25 May 2009

Memorial Day 2009

It's Memorial Day...a day for family, friends, BBQs, mad shopping, and the like. But let's not forget the true purpose of this day: to remember or "memorialize" those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure our freedoms.

As it happens, I have a friend buried in Arlington National Cemetery. She was on active duty when she was killed (a freak accident involving an oak tree). She graduated from Annapolis Naval Academy and was in the process of being promoted to Lt. when she passed on.

So for all the men and women who made the sacrifice, and to you Joanne.....thank you.
(the picture is random from the Internet)

21 May 2009

Onto the Next Reality Show!

Now that Survivor and American Idol are over, tonight starts So You Think You Can Dance. As with most reality shows, a coworker got me started on this program, mostly so we'd have something to talk about. Last season I watched SYTYCN all the way through starting with the auditions until the finale where the hunky and talented Joshua Allen (shown at left with Katee Shean) danced away with the top honor. Something about this talented and yet not professionally trained artist grabbed me...or maybe I was hoping some day to meet him and have him grab me! His Paso Doble with Katee was spectacular and when he strutted off stage, dragging Katee behind him, muscles in his bare torso rippling...well I was a true fan and convert! Let's hope that Season 5 brings us another talented hunk!

20 May 2009

Speaking of Furry.....

...did anyone else check out Fox's teaser episode of Glee starring the talented, adorable, FURRY, Matthew Morrison? The show isn't slated to start its regular season until September...but if the story lines continue to show MM sans shirt...you can be sure I'll be a die-hard fan!!

Furry Hunk

This furry muscled hunk was found over on Male Tattoos and Piercings (NSFW). I think I'm in complete lust.

19 May 2009

Evil Princess

Someone on Facebook shared some cool evil princess pics from the deviantart.com site. Since I am a Disney fan and a fan of the offbeat, this is right up my alley. Pictured is Beauty and the Beast...a/k/a Belle and Beast. I found this one particularly appealing since one of my nicknames is "Belle" (as in Watling - that's an entirely different Oprah). The other pictures shared were of Cinderella, Snow White (being perhaps the most evil looking), Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, and Pocahontas. Check out the deviant art web site....very fun and cool!

13 May 2009

Quick Update

I know I haven't updated this very often although I had every intent and purpose to do so. I'm going to do my best to at least comment on something every other day. I just am not as connected as some bloggers (and I don't really consider myself a blogger), especially those on the east coast who are 3 hours ahead. *sigh* Oh well, I'm here just to blow off steam. Whoever Steam is. LOL

06 May 2009

Broken Heart

For those who are local, you should be aware of the Jesusita fire that is currently raging in Santa Barbara county. For the non-local, this is central California, a beautiful place with lots of cultural charm, including one of the California Missions. EVERY local channel is covering the fire. A terrible story emerged about a half hour ago. A homeowner left her home this morning because the situation was looking up. Around noon the situation turned drastically wrong so she called Animal Rescue to save her 10 cats. By the time Animal Rescue got to the house it was completely gone. The reporter spoke of how the Animal Rescuer broke down in tears. Being a pet owner myself, I completely understand how horrific and guilty that rescuer must be feeling. I believe in the sanctity of human life (for the most part, with exceptions of course) but I also strongly believe in the sanctity of animal life. Our pets and animals are precious and every effort should be made to protect them from tragedies such as this. I said a little prayer for those 10 lost cat souls and for their owner who must be understandably devastated and distraught. My heart is broken...

05 May 2009

LOL Cats

For the uninitiated (and non-cat lovers), I Can Has Cheezeburger is a site where humorous captions are paired with pictures of "kittehs." Some times other animals are involved (goggies, like in the picture shown). This site never fails to make me laugh as I am a cat owner and cats always have either an innocent, annoyed, or just plain adorable look on their faces. Today's pic really had me LMAO-ing. Hope you enjoy it too!

02 May 2009


Why are all of the good men either taken, living on the other side of the planet, or both? I suppose I should not complain; the Internet has opened up vast worlds of communication. But all the same, it's also opened up a world of disappointment as well.


I have TWO followers! Thanks guys! This here blog is just something to do in between page downloads. Yeah right! Soon I'll start posting a bit more content. In the meantime, BEHR HUGS!

01 May 2009

May I Recommend....

Swanker has a blog I accidentally discovered some time back. His site, Admire, is posted randomly (a lot like mine) but his images are stunning. His focus is, of course, men but he intermingles his awe-inspiring selections with high-quality pictures of nature (flowers, birds, landscapes) and occasional single-word text. Check out his site...you'll think you've just walked out of a museum. Or better yet, your most erotic fantasy. PS: The sight may be nsfw, although there's very little frontal nudity, if any.