21 May 2009

Onto the Next Reality Show!

Now that Survivor and American Idol are over, tonight starts So You Think You Can Dance. As with most reality shows, a coworker got me started on this program, mostly so we'd have something to talk about. Last season I watched SYTYCN all the way through starting with the auditions until the finale where the hunky and talented Joshua Allen (shown at left with Katee Shean) danced away with the top honor. Something about this talented and yet not professionally trained artist grabbed me...or maybe I was hoping some day to meet him and have him grab me! His Paso Doble with Katee was spectacular and when he strutted off stage, dragging Katee behind him, muscles in his bare torso rippling...well I was a true fan and convert! Let's hope that Season 5 brings us another talented hunk!

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David Dust said...

This show is hit or miss with me. Mary Murphy annoys me to no end - and the host who pronounces "judges" as "jidges" drives me insane.

In past seasons when I've watched, there HAS been a hot Papi or 3 that keeps my attention...