26 May 2009

It's Official

We are now second-class citizens. We do not have the civil right to marry nor do we have equal protection under the law. Although the judiciary has officially spoken, this is NOT the end of the debate and most certainly NOT the end of the fight for equality.

I suggest that since California thinks we are not worthy, that all GLBT community members should seriously consider moving out of California. This state is in trouble and our leaving would cripple it to no end. Aside from the obvious loss of tax money, every industry would be affected by the loss of our presence. Everything from shops to restaurants to the entertainment world to the financial world to personal services. If we're not good enough to be allowed to love and marry, then California is not good enough for our productiveness, money, and support. I would gladly move to another state that does not think I am a lesser person because of whom I love.

CONGRATULATIONS to those 18,000 +/- who were married while it was still "legal"; your unions stand as is and is a victory in itself.


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Michael Rivers said...

What a sad day. I was very depressed to read the decision as anyone with any true sense of civil rights would be. I have two sets of friends who were married in CA. I am happy that they will still be "legal."

And you are right, this is far from over!