25 December 2013

December 25, 2013

To all of my followers, have a very Merry Christmas!


24 December 2013

Jason Momoa as Aquaman?

OMG! OMG! OMG! From a Yahoo article about whether Superhero movies getting too "overstuffed" comes this quick blurb:

Meanwhile, "Batman vs. Superman" has already made Gotham and Metropolis overcrowded with the addition of Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) and whoever "Game of Thrones" alum Jason Momoa might be playing (fans are speculating either Martian Manhunter or even Aquaman).

Do you know how much of a hardon the Behr would have if the demigod Jason Momoa played Aquaman?!

Yes dear fans....I am an Aquaman fan. Always have been since childhood. Admitting it is like coming out of the closet again.

Take a look at the following iterations of Aquaman:

I can just see it! Fingers crossed that this happens!

Here's the link to the rest of the article: Yahoo SuperHero Article


Behr Gift Suggestion 6

Last minute gift idea: Nothing says Happy Christmas like a penis.


23 December 2013

Behr Gift Suggestion 5

To ensure that everyone finds the "perfect gift" for the Behr, any (and all) of the following are acceptable. More than acceptable, in fact. Order now - operators are standing by. Christmas is in TWO days!


22 December 2013

Behr Gift Suggestion 4

The Behr can use reading material. Pinups is a phenomenal periodical that is transformable from book form to poster. Click the link and check it out.


21 December 2013

Behr Gift Suggestion 3

A warm scarf would be a nice gift. And yes...we wear scarves here in Los Angeles. 


20 December 2013

Merry Christmas from Talking Animals


Oscar Promo: ELLEN

I love Ellen...I think she'll rock it on Oscar night. Love the promo...some really cute guys in the dance company.


Behr Gift Suggestion 2

Remember: I never say no to jewelry.


19 December 2013

Behr Gift Suggestion 1

If you're anything like me, sometimes it is difficult to find that perfect gift. No matter what the other person hints or says throughout the year, finding something that will not only be useful but appreciated can be a chore.

So. To help all of you out there, I thought I would provide you with the above gift suggestion for my Christmas present. Don't worry about the possibility that I may receive more than one; be assured I can use more than one.


18 December 2013

Random Guys

I was scrolling through my posting history (looking way back) and realized that I haven't posted much this year. So to help make up for it, a throw back to my photo posting days. Here's a selection of random guys. Enjoy!


13 December 2013

Happy Friday

Thanks to antibiotics and a nasal spray I'm feeling MUCH better. So much so that I may attempt to decorate for Christmas this weekend. 

 Stay healthy and happy!


PS: I don't like repeating pictures but today's hunk of fur just might be one I keep for reuse in the future. What say you? Would you mind seeing him again in the future? Show the Behr some love and let me know!

10 December 2013

Behr Update

Where the hell have I been? Although I posted on Thanksgiving, the prior post had been early November. Time to catch up.

Basically I have two excuses: work and illness.

Work was incredibly crazy for the Behr during October and especially November. I'm not sure if I've shared what I do to earn my living before or not. If I'm repeating myself, forgive me. I am a corporate trainer, specializing mostly in technical training and customer service. I assist with leadership training as well. I work for a bank so the technical part is usually those computer programs/applications that apply to the industry. In mid-November an upgraded system was rolled out and I conducted training via Webinar. I did about 18 Webinars over a three week time period so I did a lot of talking. It was late October when I started developing chest congestion and a little nasal congestion. By mid to late November it felt more like a cold. And I still have it. I've been having headaches, jaw aches, and my teeth hurt, too.

Today I am finally going to the doctor. An actual otolaryngologist. I decided it was time to see a doctor who can actually treat this.

About 3 years ago I saw another otolaryngologist who performed sinus surgery to remove a cyst from my sinus cavity. I can't go back to that doctor because he closed his practice and shortly thereafter passed away. I'm just hoping that today's visit doesn't lead to more surgery. I'm hoping antibiotics and feeling better.

I didn't go to work yesterday and it will be early afternoon before I get there today. I feel kind of bad since I start my vacation next Tuesday but I think this is evidence that I really do need the rest. This past weekend was wonderful napping with Winston.

So that's basically what's been going on. Cross your fingers that this new doctor can help me.