10 December 2013

Behr Update

Where the hell have I been? Although I posted on Thanksgiving, the prior post had been early November. Time to catch up.

Basically I have two excuses: work and illness.

Work was incredibly crazy for the Behr during October and especially November. I'm not sure if I've shared what I do to earn my living before or not. If I'm repeating myself, forgive me. I am a corporate trainer, specializing mostly in technical training and customer service. I assist with leadership training as well. I work for a bank so the technical part is usually those computer programs/applications that apply to the industry. In mid-November an upgraded system was rolled out and I conducted training via Webinar. I did about 18 Webinars over a three week time period so I did a lot of talking. It was late October when I started developing chest congestion and a little nasal congestion. By mid to late November it felt more like a cold. And I still have it. I've been having headaches, jaw aches, and my teeth hurt, too.

Today I am finally going to the doctor. An actual otolaryngologist. I decided it was time to see a doctor who can actually treat this.

About 3 years ago I saw another otolaryngologist who performed sinus surgery to remove a cyst from my sinus cavity. I can't go back to that doctor because he closed his practice and shortly thereafter passed away. I'm just hoping that today's visit doesn't lead to more surgery. I'm hoping antibiotics and feeling better.

I didn't go to work yesterday and it will be early afternoon before I get there today. I feel kind of bad since I start my vacation next Tuesday but I think this is evidence that I really do need the rest. This past weekend was wonderful napping with Winston.

So that's basically what's been going on. Cross your fingers that this new doctor can help me.



mistress maddie said...

I wad wondering where you have been. Sorry to hear about your illness. I hope and wish you the best. Maybe you'll get a hot new doctor to lift your spirits!!!!!

viktor kerney said...

hugs to you

Rick said...

Good luck at the doctors. I remember when I friend of mine kept having issues and had to have surgery. Doctors slit under his upper lip and removed what was like rocks in his sinus cavity. I forgot what had caused it. At any rate, you made me think of him and the procedure. I hope all goes well for you surgery free. Don't feel guilty about being off sick. We've had several off at work.

Stan said...

I've been on antibiotics too for my sinus problems to no avail. I take Mucinex oral every 12 hrs. too.
I think I may need to see a otolaryngologist also.
Good luck with everything and let us know how your doing.

Howard in CT said...

Glad to see you back in action and finding time to blog. Some people out here miss you, ya know? Hope the doc will make you feel better so you can enjoy a kick-ass vacation.