10 October 2009


For the third year in a row, last night I joined friends at Universal Studio Hollywood's Halloween Horror Night. This year's theme was "You'll wish it was a movie." Or something like that. This year's event had a re-tooled Terror Tram and new mazes based on Saw, My Bloody Valentine, and Michael Myers. What made this an extra-special night was a new scare zone - you know, a dark, fog-filled section of the park where people dressed up jump out at you - based on Sean of the Dead. Another highlight was a Rocky Horror Picture Show tribute show - O-M-G! I didn't realize I knew all of the words and dialogue so well! The Frank N. Furter was little too "drag" and not enough "tranny" but other than that it was great fun. In the accompanying picture you'll see me in the back next to the scary puppet guy. I cannot wait for next year's event. Halloween is our Christmas!

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David Dust said...

Looks like fun - and you look adorable in that picture!

And who's the cute Papi standing in front of you?!?