24 October 2009

Costume Ideas 3

My final installment of costume ideas. These are all a little more elaborate and perhaps time-consuming - unless you've done this sort of thing before.

First up, the horse. Yeah I know leather is expensive but I can totally see someone walking down Santa Monica Boulevard wearing this. On second thought, I have seen someone wearing this on the street - and it wasn't Hallowe'en!

Man of the wood...it takes mostly makeup and leaves, straw, hemp rope and other natural elements. Probably good for a party because out in the darkness most people may think you're a zombie.

I love the work and detail in this satyr costume - from the horns to the furry breeches to leather harness to the furriness of this adorable cub. Definitely a contest winner.

Zombies are always good, especially since there's been a rise in zombie movies. You don't necessarily need the huge nail in your head but it is quite effective.

For the more politically-minded, you can paint yourself as the rainbow flag. Pride is always in style.

Finally, my personal favorite, the vampire. I admit that being a vampire for Hallowe'en was always one of my favorite costumes. And I love the eroticism of the tale. But recently it seems we've become over saturated with vampires (Twilight, Vampire Diaries, Club Blood) and the mystique is being dragged down to commonplace. So if you insist on becoming a vampire this year, shake it up and be a BLUE vampire!

So there you have it - Behrmark's costume ideas. If you do dress up, send me a pic and I'll post it for others to see your creativity. Happy Haunting and BEHR HUGS!!


Will said...

Horse would be most welcome in my bedroom, particularly after I remove and hang up all that gorgeous tack and get him into my stall!

Mark in DE said...

These are great! Especially love #1.