22 October 2009

Big Boys

The bear community was started by those men who did not fit the stereotypical "twink" look. They were masculine in nature, often bearded, furry, and decidedly not slim and muscular as a general rule. Today the bear community encompasses many different body types, from the uberchub to the musclebear. Some argue that the musclebear set is "taking over" the bear community and the level of acceptance of its members is once again becoming restrictive and exclusive. That aside, I wanted to present some big boys. I personally don't mind some meat on my man's bones. In fact, I actually prefer it to the anorexic look. I think a man can be big and beautiful. And personal experience has shown me that these men are often much friendlier and sexually aware than others. So here's to the Big Boys of the world. BEHR HUGS!!


RAD said...

Biggie biggie biggie...Means Big time fun! :-)

Dwight Supremacy said...


Mark in DE said...

3rd guy from the end... is that what I think that is???