16 October 2009

Leather Friday

Today is my last day of vacation, not counting Saturday and Sunday. As per my usual style, I didn't do nearly half of the things I thought I wanted to do. But I was able to relax and not think (too much) about work. So I suppose one could say that I was very very naughty and need a spanking. I wonder if I could get any of these leather daddies to volunteer. After all - there's not much that's better than leather and fur.



Howard said...


Mark in DE said...

Wow, these are some mighty fine speciMENs!

Hope you enjoyed your vacation.


Stan said...

Hell, I'd be up for taking anything these guys had to dish out. Don't feel bad that's how vacations are, feeling guilty for not doing half of what you planned for.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

Melikes #1 and #4! Somehow, I'm not feelin' their tranny love!