27 October 2009

Body Art Tuesday

We all try to do what we can to distract others from what see as our flaws, whether it's our weight, our shyness, or our inability to accept that sometimes life is going to disappoint us. So do these guys who tattoo their bodies have an ulterior motive? Is it truly just "art?" Or are they trying to compensate for something that they see as a flaw? Flaws like hot, fantastic bodies, handsome faces, and piercing eyes. Some of the tat designs look well-thought out and others look rather random. Both styles are effective. Personal favorites: Pics 2, 3, 4 and 7.



Michael Rivers said...

Some great work here! I love the first guy and the last. Of course, a few in the middle aren't bad either. LOL.

Wonder Man said...

I love them all

Mark in DE said...

I am not a fan of body art. IMHO, a little ink goes a long way.

David Dust said...

Give me some of Big #4!!!!