26 December 2011

Men of GROWLR: Explicit

I continue to be fascinated by GROWLr and the men willing to show their private pics...here are two such men.

Ironically, the fur stud didn't continue out chat after I shared MY private pic - LOL. Oh well.


Mind Of Mine said...

I am afraid none of it do it for me.

Why don't you share your private picture on here?

Dwight Supremacy said...

Good lord, that furry stud is insanely hot!

Wonder Man said...

Super hot

Anonymous said...

Your a beautiful, sexy Dad!
However! Don't think these men would have shared their images with you (in an unspoken trust) if they knew you would put them on a web page. You should have the decency to remove them and never put pics of anyone else from a social app who shares with you. So not cool. :-(