30 July 2009

Black and White: Leather

I got a bit carried away in selecting this week's black and white feature, today's being men in leather. As I've mentioned before, I've never been into the leather scene but each and every one of these makes me want to dive in head first. I really like the composition of the first picture, especially how the light and shadow emphasize the subject's musculature. The fourth picture feels surreptitious in that the subject is totally unaware that his image was being taken; this is not a posed picture and therefore the natural masculinity is in its raw state. And all of the others ain't bad either!
I hope you enjoy. BEHR HUGS!


Michael Rivers said...

I agree. The 4th photo is very hot. Many times candid photos are the best. These capture the real person.

Howard said...

I keep coming here to prove I can still fall in love - on a daily basis. Thanks.

Mark in DE said...

Super sexy.