29 October 2014

Day Three of the New Job

Just another quick note to say that I'm loving my new job. Sure it's kind of easy right now but consider these facts:

  • Monday the company provided my lunch because it was my first day and I was in Orientation.

  • Tuesday my breakfast and lunch were provided because I was in an all day  class facilitated by my coworker.

  • Tonight my dinner was provided by my East Coast boss because he happened to be visiting. He took me to a swanky restaurant in Pasadena (CA) where we shared a bottle of wine, had crab cakes for starter, and I had a petite filet as my entree. Delicious! And he picked up the tab (as he should).

Unfortunately there are no free meals tomorrow. Unless I count the Halloween Happy Hour after work!


1 comment:

Rick said...

Good for you Mark. I'm glad all is going so well.