10 October 2014

October 10 Behr Update

I'm happy to report that things are looking up!

I've been concerned with the condition of my home's roof and when I was offered the chance for a free inspection/estimate I jumped at the opportunity. I won't lie: the guy who did the inspection was drop dead hot. Bearded, tatted, but more otter than bear. AND NICE. He was completely understanding of my financial situation but he didn't hold back; basically the entire roof needs to come off and be replaced. I'm not surprised, to be honest. He gave me a week or so to think about whether I wanted to move on to the actual estimate. When he came back he gave me a presentation that explained exactly what the new roof would consist of, how they approach the job, the warranties, etc. Oh and the cost. YIKES! But I bit the bullet and signed on the dotted line and the tear-off of the existing roof begins Monday.

And for those of you who are wondering, yes I had other companies look at the roof and promise an estimate. Unfortunately, no one followed-up or submitted a written estimate. Besides, the company I am having do the work have a 50-year, transferable warranty. 

I obviously am having to finance the job. SO that plus the financing for the foundation retrofit I had done in August means I will be a lot more in debt, something that drives me bonkers. The mortgage itself is a necessary evil but I dislike having other obligations. I'm the type who pays off the credit cards every month. So taking on this extra debt - especially with my unemployment - is frightening. My reason for going ahead with the work is that a) I really need to be better about taking care of this home; b) there's talk we here in SoCal will be having El Nino next year. That last part may not happen but I don't want to take my chances. 

And that brings me to this announcement: I've been offered a job! The company called yesterday to officially make me an offer (I'll get the offer letter today via email, hopefully). I am so excited. I don't want to share too much prematurely but since I've already shared with my folks (and will share with my sister later today) I had to spill the news. I hope to start Oct 20. 

That's my news and update for now; I'll post more next week while the work is going on and am more comfortable sharing about the job. Things really are looking up! 



Mark in DE said...

Congrats on the job offer!!! I hope you enjoy it.

And, please post photos of the hot, bearded roof otter. If its costing you as much as you suggest, he should feel obligated to let you photograph him. ;-)

a{GAY}tekeeper{iam} said...

so much going on

Howard in CT said...

If you feel this roofer guy is being upfront with you, do not hesitate to get that new roof. Even tho' our roof was only 16 yrs old, it had to be a complete tear off, because the builders put no underlayment, and the roofer we used could not guarantee his work without installing an underlayment. It cost us $8000.-ouch. But it had to be done. We had stalled it off too long, and we started having leaks into the living room, and you do NOT want to deal with leaks, trust me! Congrats on the job offer! Hope it is all you are hoping for.

Stan said...

Congrats on the job offer! I've always thought that owning a house is a money pit. There's ALWAYS something that needs to be done. Get the new roof and pay it off. Roofs are nothing to fool with.
I hope the roofers are hot too!

Rick said...

Mark good news about the job. Enjoy your days of leisure while they last.
Sorry to hear about home repairs but they are a must.