30 September 2014

Behr Recommendation

Tonight while rooting through the refrigerator to find something for dinner, I saw my nearly empty bottle of wine. While I cooked my dinner (nothing fancy - I won't bore you with that), I had the half glass that remained. It's so scrumptious that I thought I would share.

It's a delicious Sauvignon Blanc by Geyser Peak, a Sonoma winery. When chilled, it has a crisp bite to it, perfect for hot weather consumption. You can taste the lime, grapefruit, honeydew melon and lemongrass. I purchase it at Trader Joe's. It runs about $9.99 a bottle; a bit pricey but not bad as it will impress your guests. I'm no wine expert but this is one of my favorite summer white wines from one of my favorite wineries. I highly recommend it.

Check out Geyser Peak for more information on the winery and their products.



Kelly Stern said...

This is my favorite wine...I also highly recommend it... this is what I drink on award nights when I don't have to get up too early the next day... very good wine... two thumbs up from rambling along!

Stan said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I'm overdue for a trip to Trader Joe's so I'll be sure to look this up. Sounds great!

Rick said...

Thanks Mark. I'll give this a try. I've never been to our relatively new Trader Joes here in Houston.
Can you recommend a red wine?