16 September 2014

That Rush Feeling

Today I went to pick up the suit I bought last week. The cute hipster bear cub called me on Saturday to say he'd finished the alterations. Unfortunately, it was late in the afternoon and I had to be at the theater so I wasn't able to go then or on Sunday because of the OCSPCA Walk for the Animals in the morning and the theater in the afternoon. I was planning on going yesterday but opted not to after having lunch with a former train friend. So I went today. 

The salesman who helped me wasn't there but another not unattractive mixed race man helped me. I saw the cute hipster bear cub but he had earphones on and so I didn't get to speak to him. 

After trying on the suit (I clean up well!) and purchasing a new belt, I started for home. I suddenly realized I was near Metropolis Comics and decided to head over there, hoping they were open at 11. I got there a bit early and waited until they opened. I was hoping to look through their back issues and find an elusive issue I've been searching for. And...I found it! I got that rush feeling when I pulled it out and realized THIS was the last issue I've needing. Okay...wanting.

This now makes my collection up-to-date. The comic book guy (ha-ha-ha) was as excited as I was that I found it. I didn't even look at anything else; I just paid and went.  It really made my day and believe it or not - brightened my mood.



mistress maddie said...

And what we want to know is how many times luv, did you make him take, opps, I mean how many times did he have to take a inseam????

Stan said...

I'm happy for you Behr but I know absolutely nothing about comics.
Enjoy the suit!

jack said...

You should call hipster bear at the store and thank him for the great job on the alterations --then ask him out for coffee.

Rick said...

I know that feeling although I can't relate to comic books. Good for you mark!