08 September 2014


It's raining here in So Cal! YAY! I know it's not going to be enough to even bring a dent to the water deficit but at least I don't have to worry about not watering the yards now. As you may know, So Cal is in the middle of a drought and we're conserving water as much as possible.

The rain will make it very humid later on but for now I'm going to enjoy the sound of rain and the smell of the wet grass and pavement.



Stan said...

We had a thunderstorm here yesterday. The power was out from 3:30pm until 11;15pm. Thank goodness I keep this apartment like an ice box so I kept the windows closed. Humidity must have been 90% outside. Be careful what you wish for.

Rick said...

Glad that you're getting some moisture. Every time I wish for rain and it does I bitch about mowing my yard.lol