21 October 2014

Behr Movie: Gone Girl

One of the nice things about being home has been the freedom to go see movies on a weekday - during the day. Our local independent cinema has a $5 day for all movies all day on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It's wonderful since I always think movies are usually overpriced elsewhere. And we're talking first run movies!

Today I went to see Gone Girl. I'm not a big Ben Affleck fan. Oh sure, he's cute enough and when he sports a beard, I sport a hardon but I don't go out of my way to see his movies because of his involvement. I don't remember how long ago I saw the trailer for this film but it intrigued me. And I adore Rosamund Pike. I finally went to see it today.

Don't worry, I won't include any spoilers. Let me say - for those who don't know anything about the movie - it is the story of a man accused of killing his wife. There are, of course, many plot twists and turns and quite a few incredible performances. It falls into the "thriller" genre and it does not disappoint. There are a few "moments" but not the "make the audience jump" moments, but more "make the audience gasp because it didn't see that coming" moments. 

My only complaint is the Neil Patrick Harris character is just a creepier Barney Stinson. Don't get me wrong, I don't for a moment doubt his character wants the Rosamund Pike character (and there's a brief glimpse of little NPH). But it seemed a bit too close to his HIMYM character, imo. 

Speaking of glimpses of male genitalia, there's a brief flash of Ben Affleck cock and ass. NICE.

I really thought this was a well-paced mystery. Going in I knew there were some twists (I'd heard of one) and yet there were some nice surprises. The supporting actors are very good and believable too. No one recognizable to me, I still need to do an IMDB look to see what other movies some of these people have done.

I truly think - and hope - that when award season is upon us that this movie and Rosamund Pike in particular are remembered.

If you like thrillers, Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, NPH, or just a good mystery movie, go see Gone Girl.


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Rick said...

Thanks for the heads up on this one Mark. I was hoping you'd catch a couple during your last week of leisure. I want to see this one plus there's a French movie that is quite similar showing here called The Blue Room which got good local reviews. $5 is a bargain these days. I remember when I first moved to H town I was going to the movies sometimes 5 times a week at $1.75 a pop.