14 January 2012

Behr Bits: Jan 2012

Well here we are, half-way through the first month of the new year already. Where the fuck does the time go? Seriously...is there a black hole swallowing up time?

Late last year I switched to the "new" Blogger...although I sometimes click on the wrong thing or something happens that isn't quite what I wanted I'm finding it to be very user friendly. Including pictures is way easier except for the whole how to order thing...they now go in in the order you've selected them. Before uploading though, you can rearrange them. You can also include captions, and move the pictures individually. I also like the way you can schedule and label the posts. AND...perhaps the best part for a visual person like me...the preview shows you exactly what it'll look like. 

I'm sure I've mentioned that about 2 years ago I drank the Kool Aid and became a MAC owner. I've never looked back. I also own an iPod and an iPhone, which is perhaps the best thing to happen to me since I learned to jerk off. So for two years the PC, monitor, printer, and other accessories have been collecting dust in my spare room. I have a friend I could have asked to help with the PC but he'd already helped once and I don't like people thinking that I can't manage a stupid computer. This past December I gave the PC and an old laptop to O. I also gave him the monitor, printer, an old router, and all sorts of software discs, cords, ethernet cables, et cetera. O is going to school to learn to service computers and thought he could use them for whatever. I asked him though to see if he could extract my files.

I heard from O yesterday...he tried but couldn't not recover the files; evidently they were erased at one point. He was very apologetic. I didn't really think they were recoverable but thought it didn't hurt. My only disappointment is that I had a TON of pictures, both of the personal nature and the pornographic. I had a lot of pictures of S and friends that are now lost to me forever. *sigh* 

It's a long weekend, thanks to the Martin Luther King Jr. day on Monday. I don't have big plans; tonight I'll be seeing friends in a production of Romeo and Juliet. And I think a trip to Disneyland is in order for Monday. Other than that, it's fairly status quo: laundry, yard work, house cleaning, etc. It's overcast and currently 45 degrees here; I know I need to go out and start the yard work but I'm enjoying my coffee and the news.

Hope everyone is well and that you have a great weekend!



Cubby said...

"...the best thing to happen to me since I learned to jerk off." OMG!

Stan said...

I still use a desktop. I just bought a new one with Windows 7. I don't know why Microsoft has to change things around so much. I own no wireless devices except for my cell phone which doesn't even have a camera. Someday I'd like to get a lap top and a better phone but I need WiFi first. I'm just happy to have a decent computer now after using a Compaq Presario for over 10 years! Enjoy your long weekend!

Wonder Man said...

"...the best thing to happen to me since I learned to jerk off."love that line