19 March 2010

Behr Bits

It's finally Friday! It's been another long, rough week. I'm happy to see the weekend looming.

So last weekend on my weekly parental visit, I found out my Mom was in a car accident. She was making a left turn, didn't see the other car, and nailed him. Tore up my Dad's car pretty good: the bumper was torn off, the headlight smashed, the tire gouged, and the whole left front panel torn off. She wasn't hurt and neither was the other driver who turned out to be the son of the city's former City Controller and an off-duty police officer. Way to go Mom! If you're going to hit someone do it good. (This is called teasing.)

Have you received your 2010 Census form yet? I did...and as I was taught in elementary school, I read it first before taking my pen to it. I stewed around about it for a couple of days before completing it. No offense to anyone, but please explain why there are five or six "Hispanic" categories and yet my race is relegated to the single word "White," which is not a race, btw. Caucasian is the appropriate and correct term. I'd even accept Anglo. And if there's going to be a breakdown between the various intricacies of a particular race (Mexican, Latino, Spanish, Colombian, Argentinian, etc) why is there not a breakdown of the "white" category (Anglo, Slavic, Eastern European, Western European, etc)? Please take no offense, I'm not racist but I think it's gotten a little out-of-hand trying to specifically categorize everyone but us "white" folk!

We're having a divisional potluck today. I wasn't going to participate because, first off, I don't like potlucks. Had enough of them growing up. Second, I'm not sure I trust the people in my division to prepare something that won't give me botulism or salmonella. There's nothing worse than puking on a Friday unless it's alcohol-related. Third, I don't like preparing something then having to schlep it on the train. Never mind there's no real place to keep things cold or to heat things up. The microwaves five floors down? Uh, don't think so. But I got talked into it because, after all, forced frivolity is one of the political games we must play. I decided to bring a dessert. I baked cookies last night: German Chocolate Pecan and Vanilla Chocolate Chip. I had one of each last night and if I must say so myself, they turned out pretty yummy. So I filled up my biggest tin with both kinds and even had enough left over to give some to my train pal Patty this morning and some for my Mom on Sunday. I also have enough for me to munch on over the weekend.

I'm hoping to go see Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" this weekend. I didn't have time on opening weekend and last weekend we had such gorgeous weather I had to get out and do yard work. So hopefully I'll make the trip down the rabbit hole tonight or tomorrow.

Other than that, not much else is going on. I hope everyone's Friday passes quickly and painlessly and your weekend is slow, fun, and filled with wonderful things.



Mark in DE said...

I filled out the census today and noticed the same thing about the multiple hispanic categories vs. "white".

Glad your mom wasn't hurt in the accident. Have a GREAT weekend!

Bear Me Out said...

Oh, like the new picture. woof.

Bear Me Out said...

Haven't seen the form yet. When asked about race, I'm always tempted to mark "other."

Glad your mom is OK. Can I put in an order for cookies?

CJ/Rick said...

Where's my cookies? I wouldn't enjoy the deed either if I had to carry it on the train. It's bad enough carrying anything a block from the parking garage. You only had one? When I make cookies I only get about 2.5 dozen after the recipe says it will make 5 dozen. What's up with that?
I hope you got to see Alice.

Kyle said...

Mark, I don't think the CB would mind if "white" was broken down into sub-categories. I'm not sure most white people would know what to choose, even if they had a sub-category choice. I'd certainly have to check several. More data though, and that could be a good thing for the Census. I don't think there is a large enough push to make those distinctions among fair skinned people though. There is enough of a push to make vast distinctions within the Latino/Hispanic communities in the nation.

The form will change over time I'm sure. Some day I hope our race won't matter at all. I'm also hopeful that someday we will have a check box on the form for what species we are. We aren't the only intelligent species to have some kind of sentience, I certainly hope we won't be the last.