05 March 2010

Behr Bits

This is the last weekend of "Almost, Maine." I've really enjoyed working this production. Not only did I learn something new but it is a very enjoyable show. I am concerned, however, about tomorrow night's performance. My parents are season ticket holders and I'm certain the aforementioned gay vignette is not going to go over well with them. Despite my coming out to them nearly 20 years ago, it's something they have yet to embrace. My saving grace is I'm not performing, just doing some techie stuff. It'll be interesting to hear their thoughts and reactions to the show over all.

We're gearing up for more rain this weekend. I'm not anticipating it to be as forceful as last weekend (we had thunder and lightening). I'm hoping it'll be a non-event for the most part. I'm supposed to meet some friends Saturday night at Eagle LA. They're both Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence in Phoenix visiting for some Sister Zombie Leather shindig thing. But if it's raining I'm not hoofing it over there.

It's been a fairly quiet week. Next week will be busy for me but that will make it go by all the faster. I know one shouldn't wish his life away but this work drudgery is getting to me.

I did my taxes last night. Or rather, I finished doing my taxes. I'm getting money back, both Federal and State, so I will need to decide what to do with money. I'm thinking of replacing some original wood sash windows in my house. I also think I need a new washer and dryer; I bought the set I have from S when he moved (this was post-dating pre-ignoring him) and they're starting to not perform as well as they should. He'd had them for about 10 years I think and I've had them for nearly five. So it's about time.

As you know, the Oscars are Sunday and everywhere you turn someone is sharing his or her predictions. I'm not that vested in the awards this year. I'll be attending my friend's annual Oscar party but it's mostly for the food and socialization. Oh and to see who shows up wearing a hideous gown.

That's about all for now. I need to get back to work. I hope everyone enjoys the weekend.



Michael Rivers said...

I'm looking forward to the Oscars. One of my favorite nights of the year! I always say it's my Superbowl.

mistress maddie said...

I sure hope you have a great weekend! I am probably the only one who doesn't watch the Oscars. I just don't understand all the hoopla over this gold thing. With or without it, they all still great actors. But the arrival part is intresting to watch, I agree. I don't watch it either. I guess it's because I'm around fashion all week.

Wonder Man said...

have a good weekend