26 March 2010

Behr Bits

Well we made it to Friday - huzzah! The weekend is ahead of us and the week behind us. Feels good, doesn't it?

Yesterday a friend called me and asked if I wanted to meet for coffee since he was "in my neighborhood." He's recently changed jobs - something miraculous in this recession - and is now working a few blocks from where I work. So we got lattes and sat and caught up. We're going to try to meet for lunch every so often just to keep in touch. It was really nice to see him.

Tonight I'm going to female co-worker's concert. She belongs to a group called Meistersingers. I've been to one of her other concerts and they're really a fantastic group. Tonight's program is Mozart's Requiem and Handel's Dixit Dominae, of which I am not familiar. All the same I'm looking forward to being in a huge marble-lined church listening to two of my favorite composers.

Tomorrow night I'm seeing a friend in "Little Shop of Horrors." He plays Mr. Mushnik and I hear it's really a fantastic production. I've only seen the movie (well both of them) so it'll be interesting to see the live stage version. Other friends have seen the show already and can't say enough about the Trio and how they could easily steal the show. Plus I want to see Audrey II and the puppetry of it.

I'll be heading to SF for work in April; today I finalized the training schedule and booked my flight and hotel. I'm SO looking forward to this trip - not because of the work but because of the opportunity to meet up with old and new friends. It will be a long week: I fly up there on Sunday and fly home Friday afternoon. At that point I officially start my vacation. I was thinking of heading over to Phoenix for a few days, perhaps for Phurfest and to see friends but I'm not so sure I want to do that after being away for a week. I'll have to think about it since the early registration for Phurfest is the middle of next week. Plus - I've never been to a bear event. They scare me, to be honest. I've seen pictures and the men all look so hot. And that intimidates me immensely. (And no, not fishing for compliments here.)

Well that's about all that's going on. What are YOU doing for the weekend?



Cubby said...

I know all about what you mean by intimidation. Greg wants us to go on a gay cruise and coincidentally another blogger (Nofo) just got back from one. He posted pics of hundreds of the hottest men on planet Earth. There is not a single man in the pics whom I would rate as anything less than a "10". That pretty much sealed it for me. I will never go on a gay cruise now for fear of being laughed overboard :-(

The same is kind of true for bear events. I have no ability to grow facial hair, and the last time I tried to hang with bears I was told I "didn't belong" because I didn't have a beard. I'm still smarting from that jab.

Oh god, I'm just full of good news. I'll shut up now.

Bear Me Out said...

I've never done any cruise or bear gathering. But I'm ready to go and be laughed at. As long as they let me watch!

Wonder Man said...

oh stop it, you are cute. Go and have a good time