01 March 2010

Behr Bits

I had a borderline great weekend. I say borderline because although it was very good, I missed it being great by thaaaaaat much [holds fingers an inch apart]. I’ll blame the rain.

We had three performances of “Almost, Maine” this weekend and all three rocked! I swear, the cast gets better with each performance. The audiences seem to like it a lot although the gay vignette tends to cause nervous laughter. There’s not been a lot of backlash, surprisingly. And I was told that those who disapprove (as evidenced by comments on a written survey) are NOT our season ticket holders. So perhaps our audiences are warming up to same-sex themes. Not that we’ll be doing “Boys in the Band” any time soon but I think it’s a positive step in the right direction.

I mentioned in a previous post that I had loaned my friend money. He did stop by on Sunday night to pay me half of what he owes. Evidently something else went wrong with his van and so the remainder will be forthcoming. Supposedly in two weeks. We’ll see. So I’m richer by half.

I had a phone call from my partnered friend with whom I used to occasionally play. We just talked, caught up on life, etc. Later on, we chatted online where the conversation turned more flirty. I still don’t think we’ll get be getting together despite his telling me how much he wants to be with me. I think the latest changes (which are complicated) in his living arrangement will preclude any actual follow-through.

Here’s a little known fact: I’m a stalker. That’s right, I’m a cyber stalker of a certain someone from my past. Some people will say it’s unhealthy and isn’t doing me any good, that clinging on isn’t allowing me to move on. Perhaps they’re right. But since he’s always there in the back of my head anyway, what’s wrong with doing occasional Google searches? I hit the jackpot over the weekend. I found a picture he posted of himself in late December…he has shaved off his beard. I was shocked. I was intrigued. I laughed my ass off. I also was a little bit scared! Suffice it to say…he’s not too unfortunate looking sans facial hair. But he looks like a completely different person (if only that were true).

While surfing around online I discovered Taio Cruz for Piano, a three-song album available on iTunes. It consists of three piano instrumental tracks: “Break Your Heart,” “With or Without You,” and “Apologize.” I’m really digging it. I keep playing it over and over. It’s unfortunate in a way that I just discovered this because these songs would have fit in beautifully with the music I’m playing in “Almost, Maine.” I’ll have to hold onto these tracks for future use.

Here we are: March 1. Can you believe how quickly this year is starting out?



Larry Ohio said...

"I’m a stalker ... Some people will say it’s unhealthy..." Yeah, that would be me.

Stop it! If you want to stalk someone, stalk me. I've never been stalked before I'm always wondering how it would feel :-)

Mark in DE said...

Glad to hear the show is going so well, and that you had a borderline great weekend. :-)