28 February 2010

Sunday Favorite 23

I really like the composition of this picture...the tattooed stud, muscles bulging, looking at what appears to be a reflection of another hot guy. You all know how I think black and white photography is erotic and sensual: this is one of the finer examples, imho.

Last night was the fourth performance of "Almost, Maine" at the local community theater, at which I'm doing sound. Another successful night, if I must say so myself. The audiences seem to enjoy the play since it has a mixture of humor, pathos, and romanticism. I hate to toot my own horn but I believe the music selections I made really add to the experience.

One of the vignettes is entitled "They Fell." It is a scene with two buddies, Chad and Randy, we share stories of their most recent bad dates in an almost pissing contest. Whoever tells the worst date story gets to pick the following evening's activities. As it turns out, they both have bad dates and Chad confesses to Randy that the only thing that seems good and makes sense in the world is Randy. Then he falls. Randy gets upset because they're buddies and Chad has crossed a line you don't cross but admits Chad is the only thing that makes sense and feels good in the world as well. He then falls.

It's allegorical, obviously, as the scene ends with them both falling at the same time, closer to each other.

Considering this is, for the most part, a conservative town and our primary audience is of the average age of 75, it's amazing how well accepted this one scene is. I'm glad that we're not doing the "oh he's gay but it's all down played" characters. It's a bit "in your face" but without actual intimacy, implied or otherwise. Kudos to our little theater for taking on this wonderful little play that includes gay characters (although they're not overtly gay).

We have a matinee today; should be interesting to see the audience's reaction. The matinee crowd tends to be a bit older (we call them the walker parade), and usually the post-church crowd. Hopefully they will accept that love is a wonderful thing regardless of who is involved.

I hope that wherever you are and whatever you do today, it will be filled with love and affection. BEHR HUGS!!


SteveA said...

That play sounds great - I have not seen one in such a long time!

Stan said...

I agree!! That B&W pic is so erotic! I sure wish I could see the play. I'm so glad it's working out for you and that you feel so good about it. May you have continued success!

Wonder Man said...

I hope things went well

Mark in DE said...

That's a great photo! Glad to hear the play is going well. :-)