12 February 2010

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

I was contacted today about the accompanying picture, which appeared in my Black and White Kisses blog from a couple days ago. Joseph kindly let me know that his partner, Jeff Palmer, holds the copyright of this image. (©JeffPalmer)

You can visit Jeff's website at www.jeffpalmer.com - and I suggest you do! Mr. Palmer is an award winning photographer whose amazing images evoke many emotions. I've seen his images here and there and can attest to the sheer beauty of them.

I'd like to thank Joseph for not only bringing this to my attention but also for being a Behr Blather follower and his kind words!



Larry Ohio said...

The link provided doesn't work right. Can you fix?

behrmark said...

The link has been fixed - sorry about that!

mistress maddie said...

Yea, that is pretty nice to see. Jeff does such nice work. I have several picture that he did in some coffee table books I have here. They speak several things!!!

Michael Rivers said...

He's a great photographer!

Mark in DE said...

Great pic, and how nice that Joseph provided you with the link to Jeff's website!