10 February 2010

Black and White Kisses

I honor of Hump Day and Valentine's Day (Sunday) here are some romantic couples kissing. The black and white photography, in my mind, makes each couple all the more erotic. I shouldn't have to tell you that the first pic is my favorite for obvious reasons.

Since I'm single, this month is yet another reminder of what I don't have. It seems the only guys who are interested in me either live in a different state or are partnered. Those who are single tend to be inconsiderate at best. Oh man can I attract them! I think I'm OK with being single. But doubt creeps in every once in a while.

For all you single guys out there - how do you deal with the "month of love?" I'm interested in hearing other perspectives. BEHR HUGS!!


Wonder Man said...


Stan said...

I've been widowed and single for 19 years now. I'm too old and independent now to put up with anyone else's BS, issues or baggage now. Not totally closed minded to another relationship but at this point it's doubtfull I will ever meet anyone now but I'm okay with it. I guess that comes with getting older.
Bear hugs back at you brother!