07 February 2010

Sunday Favorite 20

One of the things I miss most about having a boyfriend or being in a relationship is kissing. Whether it is a soft kiss hello or a deep hard passionate "come here" kiss...I really miss this intimate act.

I kiss many of my friends hello. Sometimes it's just a peck on the cheek sometimes a peck on the lips. It's not like we try to swallow each other's faces.

So imagine my surprise the other day at work when I saw my friend and we kissed hello. AT WORK. I think we both kind of were "uh what did we just do?" but played it off naturally. But why shouldn't I greet him with a peck on the cheek or even on the lips even if we are at work? Some will say it's not "professional." I suppose I would have to agree. But if we all reached out to others in a more familiar manner, wouldn't the world be a better place?

Anyway, enough of that. I hope everyone has a Super Sunday. BEHR HUGS!!


Bear Me Out said...

At work! OMG. I know when I've greeted someone with a kiss, in public, I've had the same reaction. Did I really just do that? And, sometimes, I've almost given some straight men a kiss! On ho! That really would be dangerous.

It's not easy for me to keep folk in categories like that. But I know it's important to do. For now, anyway.

Kissing and snuggling are two of my favorite things.

Larry Ohio said...

Wow! Was it the kind of peck-on-the-cheek thing like women do, or a kiss on the lips? It's cool, really. I've never wanted to kiss any of my coworkers.

Michael Rivers said...

LOL. That is funny. I kiss some friends, some I don't. Some would freak if I tried. LOL. Some I've leaned in and kissed without thinking. Oh, there are so many ways. LOL.

Mark in DE said...

If straight people observe our natural behavior enough, it will seem more natural to them too. I kiss many of my friends when greeting them. And nothing is a bigger turn-on to me than hot, passionate kissing. Grrrrr! ;-)