19 February 2010

Another Opening, Another Show

Tonight is opening night of my local community theatre's third show of the 2009-2010 season - our 88th season! Whittier Community Theatre (WCT)proudly presents Almost, Maine, a play by John Cariani. A brief description:

The perfect Valentine comes postmarked from the fictional town of Almost, Maine, a tiny place where anything can (and does) happen as the Northern Lights play in the sky. A talented ensemble will take patrons on a whirlwind trip through town, eavesdropping on a dozen conversations as couples meet, by chance or design, and try to find that moment when love “clicks.” You are bound to see at least a few loves you know, and maybe a few you lost, in this romantic anthology.

As some of you may remember from previous posts, I've been involved off and on for the past 20-some odd years with this group. For this show I was recruited to do Sound. This is a new adventure for me as I've not done this before. It's exciting because I control what the audience hears, such as the actors' dialog and incidental music. The director and one of the cast members provided CDs with suggested music. From that I culled what I thought was appropriate to "set the mood" for the various vignettes. I'm having a blast! The director has complimented me several times on my selection and execution. That's not to say I'm perfect; at last night's Final Dress Rehearsal there was a slight snafu with music and lights. And I got a couple of "notes" last night. So hopefully tonight's production with an audience will go off without a hitch!

I cannot wait for tomorrow so I can catch up on much needed rest. Aside from the late nights due to rehearsals, I've been staying up to watch Olympic coverage. So that's what's on the agenda for my weekend: theater and sleep.

What are you doing?



Howard said...

Break a leg with the show tonight! I am planning to watch the Olympics, play with my niece & nephew, and try to avoid the huge mud-puddles from the finally melting snow.

Wonder Man said...

I'm chillin in L.A., have fun tonight

Stan said...

Good luck with the show! I wish I was there and away from this dirty snow! UGH!

Mark in DE said...

Good luck with your new venture!