08 June 2010

Behr Update: Let's Move Together

If you look back a few posts, I talked about walking in the Arthritis Foundation's "Let's Move Together" walk to raise money and awareness of the most debilitating disease in America: Arthritis. Once again I participated in the LA Chapter's event, which was held this past Saturday.

I've walked for the past 5 or 6 years, mostly for my mom who suffers from arthritis. This year I was able to raise $525 in donations - yay me!

The following are some pictures - a combo of pics I took and pics taken by a professional hired by one of the sponsoring doctors. The first picture is of the big balloon arch (it's like a jump house balloon) with the walk logo.

This next picture is of my company's Blue Crew banner; we had a spot reserved in the tailgate section. Basically it was just tarps and chairs. But it offered us a place to relax, have lunch, and socialize.

And here's the Blue Crew! The woman on the right with white hair is my mom. I'm the fat ass in brown shorts and with the big belly.

Part of the walk consisted of 86 stairs. From a higher advantage point, I took this picture looking back at the starting point (the arch) and you can see how many people were behind me. I would guess there to easily have been 500 people walking. It was great!!

The professional photographer took this picture of my Mom, a colleague of mine, and me. I wonder why he included the fruit in the picture...was he trying to say something?!

I took other pictures - some of crowds, some of colleagues - but don't want to invade privacy too much by including their pictures (despite the group pic).

The event was held at the Santa Monica pier - or in the nearby parking lot actually. There was a 5k walk (involving the stairs) and a 1 mile walk (no stairs). My mom did the 1 mile walk. Believe me...this was quite an accomplishment for her and I'm proud of her. She is the reason I walk.. After the walk and lunch (WalMart provided grilled hot dogs, chips, and drinks of the non-alcoholic type) my mom and walked the pier. I didn't take too many pictures.

It was a very nice morning and spending alone time with my mom was wonderful.



Cubby said...

I'm glad this event turned out so well!

Marc said...

Congratulations on a successful event!

Stan said...

Good for you! Your Mom is cute!

CJ/Rick said...

Good job! Cherish the times you have with your mom. Sounds like a good time.
You ain't got no belly.

Wonder Man said...

Your mom is cute and you have a great smile