10 December 2009

Thursday Hoodies

Since most of the U.S. has gone into the deep freeze, I thought it only appropriate to feature hoodies with a twist: black and white photography.

I'd like to point out just a couple of details. In #1, check out the dusting of fur on his chest...GRRRR. And check out #2's nipple ring...that little extra sexiness just makes me all hot and bothered.

What do you notice about these hoodie-wearing studs? BEHR HUGS!!


Michael Rivers said...

I LOVE hoodies on a guy. Such a sexy look. I wore my this morning. I would take any of these guys! Wow.

Mark in DE said...

#4 has some super-sexy facial scruff goin' on... GRRR!

#6 has the eyes of a villain.

Great photos, as usual. :-)