19 December 2009

Highlights of My SF Trip

I wanted to share the following highlights of my trip to SF.

*When I arrived in Oakland, my biggest concern was the rain. However that quickly changed when I got to the Oakland/Coliseum BART station; the Raider game had ended and the station was jam-packed with game goers! Thankfully there were no problems and the few people I interacted with were quite friendly.

*I met Johann, a friend from Facebook, and we ended up at my favorite SOMA bar, The Hole in the Wall. We had a really good time drinking beer and talking. I'm afraid we may have been a bit silly on the walk back to the BART station since we were both a little tipsy but it IS San Francisco so probably we weren't that noticeable.

*One night I had dinner at Mel's Drive-in Diner (Fourth/Mission). This is a great place for the single person to have a meal. I had the Mel's Big Combo: a cheeseburger, potato salad, side green salad, and a vanilla shake. It's also a great place to people watch. I saw a woman come from the restrooms and join her female companion. I only know she had been in the restroom because the ass gasket was hanging out of her pants. For a split moment I thought about telling her but my evil side took over.

*I rode the California St cable car to and from meeting my friend Matthew for dinner. The brakeman was friendly as was a female passenger who offered to take me to wherever I was meeting my friend. This cable car is FAR better than the more touristy Powell St. cable car. It was pricey - $11 - but cheaper than a cab and a hell of a lot easier than walking up and down the steep hill! I forget the name of the place we went but part of the building was an old cable car. Reasonable prices and good service. Matthew had the tuna melt with fries and coffee. I had a tuna and bacon chef salad and ice tea. It was very good. Next time I'm there I may be adventurous and try one of the Portuguese dishes they serve. Or not.

*I got cruised twice in one day! When I was exiting BART on my way back to the hotel an Indian-looking man definitely was checking me out. It made me smile! Later after dinner with Matthew, as I was walking back into my hotel a really hot bear and I exchanged glances. Feeling giddy for several different reasons, I did the look back. And so did he! Unfortunately I never saw him again. He had a thick blond moustache and goatee and incredible blue eyes.

*The absolute highlight of my trip was Friday. I originally was supposed to conduct training but no one enrolled so I basically had a free day. Matthew met me at the hotel; I eventually checked out a little before noon and had the bellman hold my luggage. We then went to the Mission District and ate at this swell Mexican restaurant, Puerto Alegre. I had a really good vegetarian burrito and Matthew had the cheese enchiladas with poblano sauce. We both had sangria. It was very refreshing. We took a stroll to Dolores Park and Matthew insisted we walk up the hill. I started to whine and he told me it would be worth my while. We finally made it up to the top and I beheld the view of the city (the blog picture above). Absolutely gorgeous. We sat and talked until it was time to head back to my hotel in the Financial District. Although he didn't have to, Matthew accompanied me back to the hotel and then to the BART station. It was so nice to see the city and spend time with a very dear friend. I couldn't have asked for a better day to end my trip.

So there you have it, some of the highlights of my trip. BEHR HUGS!!


David Dust said...

Sound like a wonderful trip. One of these days I'm going to get to San Francisco.


Howard said...

What a wonderful trip! Glad you had such a wonderful time.

Mark in DE said...

How nice that you had time to meet up/hang out with friends! My past business trips never had time for such.