31 December 2009

Countdown to 2010

I don't know about anyone else but I'm freaked out that we're entering the year 2010. It's one thing to look at my credit card and see that it expires in 2012 or to know that my mortgage will be paid off in 2035. But to actually ring in 2010? Unbelievable. Or so it seems to me. We're entering the age of Science Fiction. Did anyone actually believe the earth would still be here?

Okay enough "wonder" aside. In anticipation of tonight's festivities (sangria and my annual watching of "Sunset Blvd."), I present 12 favorite men. For the most part I don't know who they are - although I know the bear networking website screen name of one or two.*wink* But I only know these men in my fantasies. I hold each one in absolute awe.

I want to thank ALL of my followers and those who comment on Behr Blather. I do this for you. Each one makes this old behr's heart fill with gratitude. Have a safe and fun New Year's Eve. Happy 2010! BEHR HUGS!!


David Dust said...

Happy New Year to you!!!!


Stan said...

Happy New Year behrmark! I can't believe I'm still alive!

Mark in DE said...

A truly fabulous selection of men! (Do you think that if I wore camo shorts and pulled off my shirt I could look like them? Sadly I think not.)

Happy New Year to you!! Enjoy your sangria and Sunset Blvd.

Behr Hugs!!!

Howard said...

Mwah, and I'll take one of each!

Happy Behrish New Year, my friend!

SteveA said...

Happy New Year! Can I have the guy in the shades?

Larry Ohio said...

Happy New Year!