29 December 2009

Blue Tuesday

I've been spending my morning going through some junk in my spare bedroom and tossing a lot of crap out. Although it's a beautiful day out and I am being productive, I'm feeling a bit blue. I think it's a combination of feeling overwhelmed with stuff I need/want/should do, feeling a tad lonely, frustration over my PC/laptop situation, and coming across photos of my ex. *sigh*

I remembered a little while ago that Glee comes out on DVD today so in a short while I'm showering and heading off to Target. BEHR HUGS!!


Michael Rivers said...

I hope your Wednesday isn't so blue! Hugs.

Robbie K said...

Bear hugs to you buddy!!

Mark in DE said...

Beautiful photo, even if blue. Hope today is a better day for you. Behr hugs!!