12 December 2009

Men and Their Pets

In Now, Voyager, the Gladys Cooper character (Mrs. Vale) asks the Bette Davis character (Miss Charlotte Vale) what she plans to do. Charlotte's response is "Get a cat and a parrot and live in single blessedness."

There's nothing like a pet. They provide a warmth and love that no man can. And the more men I meet the more I like my cat. ;) Pets are therapeutic, being known for lowering blood pressure and relieving stress. If you're single and petless I recommend a pet. You'll be glad you did. BEHR HUGS!!


Stan said...

I totally agree! And what's more is they love you EVERY DAY! That to me is amazing! I've lost some that I regarded as family members and mourned them just like that too.

Mark in DE said...

Sigh... "Now, Voyager!" is one of my favorite films!! So romantic. And when she steps off the cruise ship wearing those spectator shoes she is the picture of elegance.

These man-with-pet photos are great!