22 July 2012

Sunday Favorite: 78

I'm off to Nevada today for the work week. Wish me luck as I travel through the desert to America's Playground a/k/a Sin City. As I mentioned I'm not much of a gambler and not much of a drinker these days. The hotel/casino I'm staying at has movie theaters, a bowling alley, several restaurants, a pool and other amenities. So once the work day is over I shouldn't be bored. I'm also taking a book. LOL! 

Did I mention that the forecast is for 105-degrees every day?

Today's favorite lives in Sitges.  I've chatted with him on Growlr and aside from being drop dead gorgeous, he's a really nice guy. Oh and he wears glasses, too:

Woof! And Grrr!



Cubby said...


Nik_TheGreek said...

How's gay life in LA? Any nice bear gay bars?

Wonder Man said...

he is hot

Rick said...

He's got one nice cock & ball story going on there.