29 July 2012

Sunday Favorite: 79

I'm  a pushover for a handsome man out in nature. Especially a furry man...seems natural and "right." The background of this picture reminds me the Devil's Postpile campground near Mammoth Mountain, where I spent many summer vacations with the family. It was often the starting and/or ending point of long term hikes with my Scout troop. At certain spots there is a gorgeous view of the Minaret Mountain range, which includes Mount Ritter (over 13,000') and Banner Peak (just under 13,000'):

During my backpacking years I climbed Ritter twice and Banner once. Great experiences and such beautiful country. Of course, we only had day packs and not our full gear! We didn't necessarily rock climb but more boulder hopped and rock scrambled. I remember my first time climbing Ritter...I was probably 14...and we had to pass along the glacier that lies just below...we even walked under the glacier shelf - it was massive and scary! The view from atop both peaks is exhilarating, if not a bit frightening for those of us with a fear of heights and falling.

Once when backpacking with my parents and brother (long before he became estranged from the family), we came across a bear in the woods. The animal kind, not the human kind. It was bounding away from us. I'll never forget watching that big bear's butt as it went up over a rise in the landscape.

Hopefully if I came across the human bear kind he wouldn't run away but up to me and - well you know. *grin*

Happy Sunday!



Cubby said...

Human bears are best.

Wonder Man said...


Rick said...

Yes I prefer the two legged bear. The one pictured will do nicely.

Matthew Gregory said...

Haha I'm a BIG fan of a certain handsome man out in nature (as you know all too well), so I can *really* relate here!