28 July 2012

Back Home

I'm back home from my work trip to Nevada. It's SO nice to use my own shower again!

My drive over took 4 hours; I shaved off 10 minutes on the return drive - not bad for a Friday afternoon.

The work part of the trip went very well, better than I had hoped or anticipated. The "off" time was okay...I don't gamble so I spent a lot of my time roaming around watching others or in my room watching NCIS reruns. I know - I'm pathetic! I did play $5 and at one point almost doubled my money but like anyone who is playing penny slots, I kept going and lost it all. *facepalm*

The weekend will be spend doing laundry, getting groceries, and re-bonding with Winston. He was obviously upset with me but soon he was sitting next to me, rubbing his face all over my hand and purring up a storm. He did get a little miffed again later on because I stayed up to watch the Olympic Opening ceremony. He conked out finally in the hallway, looking cute.

I didn't see the beginning of the Opening Ceremonies but came in just before the Mary Poppinses flew in. It may have not been as stellar as other countries but the lighting of the Olympic Cauldron was absolutely gorgeous, elegant, classy and spectacular...what an awesome message, that one generation inspires the next.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. BEHR HUGS


Matthew Gregory said...

Gosh, I need to find the Opening Ceremonies online. I think I read they were "directed" by Danny Boyle...

I'm glad you're back home, safe and cozy in your bed, cuddled up to Winston...

Wonder Man said...

glad you're back