23 September 2011

Weekend and Awkward Moment

It's another busy weekend for the Behr.

It's closing weekend for "Good News" at the theater. It's always bittersweet because it's over (yay) but also because it's over (boo). Usually the crew doesn't really bond much with the actors but this show we have, probably because this is a younger cast who are so into Facebook and several have friended me (oh their poor innocent eyes!). It can be frustrating at times but there are some good people involved and I have many friends in the theater; love 'em all dearly. So two more performances and it's all done.

Tomorrow I'm meeting an online friend for lunch. He will be going to Rose Hills Mortuary and since I'm sort of close by he asked if I'd want to break bread with him. We're meeting at a CBTL and will decide where to eat then (too many options). He's a nice guy, older, and really into food.

On Sunday I'm participating in the 2nd Annual Los Angeles National Kidney Foundation 5K walk, which will be held at the infamous Rose Bowl stadium, home of the Rose Bowl football game every New Year's Day. I exceeded my fundraising goal (yay me) and my mom may be walking with me (depending on her health). Just like I support her and the Arthritis Walk, she's supporting me and the Kidney Walk. The unfortunate part of this event is the walk begins at 12:30 p.m.! Hopefully the weather will cooperate and not be blazing hot. I also hope to be able to gather some information from the information/vendor booths.

I did laundry last night but still need to do the other weekend chores. Hopefully I'll also be able to slip a nap or two in there too.

So this morning, after visiting my favorite papi barista (who looked exceptionally cute this morning...damn I just want to eat him up), I got to work to find that my coworker had left a donut on my desk. Fuck! I had bought a plain bagel with my coffee. So I returned the donut (it was in a white bag) and thanked her and told her I couldn't eat it because of my health issues. She acted a little hurt but that's what she gets for springing something like that on me. She usually asks via text. So in a way it serves her right. Although I didn't tell her details, she knows that I got not great news at the doctor this past Monday. I felt kind of bad but also kind of vindicated because she's one of those controlling personalities. There's always the possibility she was being nice but knowing her there's an ulterior motive. I hate to think like that but I've known her too long. So that was my awkward moment this morning.

Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday - BEHR HUGS


Stan said...

Good luck with the lunch date and with the walk on Sunday.

mistress maddie said...

Well I say forgot the coffee and the bagel and just go whole hog with the papi barista! It will give you energy and cut calories not to mention give you a work out!!!

Cubby said...

Have fun with the 5k walk. Why is the Rose Bowl infamous?

CJ/Rick said...

Hope your weekend was a good one and that your footsies have recovered from your walk. Have a good week!

Kyle said...

Mark, I don't think you have to apologize for looking out for yourself with regard to your health. It may have been a nice gesture from her, but ultimately you feel it would harm you and she needs to accept that.

Wonder Man said...

The Rose Bowl is infamous