27 September 2011

Behr's Weekend Recap

The weekend went well. Our Friday night show went well and there was a lot of excitement about the show winding down. Because I still felt punky with a cold, I didn't go out afterwards.

On Saturday I met an online acquaintance for lunch. He was visiting the local mortuary park and wanted to meet up. We ate at this little cafe spot, Mimo's, and sat on the patio. It was nice and pleasant and no awkwardness. Or at least very little. We walked back to our cars and he gave me three bottles of wine! I thought that was very sweet of him.

The show on Saturday went very well and ended on an exceptionally high note. The boyfriend of one of the female leads, Heather, stepped out onto the stage right at the end of the curtain call, dropped to his knee and handed her a ring. You could have heard a pin drop! Poor Heather didn't know what to say. Another girl said "You're getting married!" to which Heather finally said "YES!" The entire cast and crew were caught up in the moment and there were a lot of tears and laughter. Couldn't have happened to a nicer girl.

Sunday was the charity walk for the National Kidney Foundation. My mom went with and did the 1 mile option while I attempted the 3 mile option. I'll be honest: I didn't quite finish. I was in desperate need of a restroom and decided not to try to "hold it." I ended up cutting through a parking lot. Still...I walked 95% of it! And the important thing was raising the money.

I'm taking Friday off so it's a short week for me. I just hope it goes by painlessly!



Stan said...

Walking 95% of the walk is fine. That's probably more than I could do. Wow three bottles of wine! That's a whole lot more than I ever got out of an online date.

Cubby said...

Good going on the walk.

Nik_TheGreek said...

Well done with the walk. :-)