05 September 2011

Catching Up with the Behr

As you may remember, this past Friday night I had a date with the guy who I had met for lunch earlier last week. Let's call him RA. So because he got off work at 9 it was going to be a late dinner. He called me when he was almost home and I left to pick him up. It was after 10 I believe when I did. He looked adorable and when he got into my truck he leaned over and gave me a hello kiss. It still makes me smile.

So we took off for the restaurant, Toi on Sunset. This is a totally cool place...rock-n-roll posters and crap adorn the walls as decorations and the hallway and restroom are covered in graffiti; I'm assuming most of it from patrons! It's very cool. It's "Americanized" Thai food. So RA ordered Thai toast and fried rice and I ordered Yellow Curry with Chicken. The Thai toast was really good, especially with peanut sauce on it. The fried rice was uninspired and a bit bland, for my liking. But the Yellow Curry was outstanding! I could have eaten the entire portion by myself. It was almost as good as an orgasm in your mouth. Truly. To top it off, soda for RA, regular ice tea for me. It was a really nice dinner. AND...he paid.

Afterward we popped into a store next door that was full of Japanese-style kitschy items and clothing and cool fun stuff. Because of RA's living arrangement, we couldn't go back to his place and it was way too late to go to my place then try to get him back to get ready for work at 9 am on Saturday, we went "parking." LOL - yes we drove to a little side street next to a park to talk and kiss and enjoy each other's company. Let me say this for RA: he sure knows how to tweak a nipple. *grin* Eventually I dropped him off and went home, falling into bed at about 2:30.

Saturday night I was supposed to meet a guy, Josh, at The Hookup, a gay bar that is about 30 miles from where I live. I had committed to this before meeting RA and I would have much rather spent time with RA. I drove to the place, and walked in and realized there was a Bingo game going on! There were no Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, just lots and lots of lesbians. The Bingo ended and I sat there for about an hour. No one approached me other than the barmaid. I ended up having two 32 ounce mugs of Blue Moon. I wasn't really surprised I got stood up. I left and headed home. As I was approaching my exit from the freeway, I decided I was sober again and headed to Pistons.

I ran into a couple that I know, Steve and Jay and spent the evening with them. They were hanging out with their friends Paul and Jim, two really nice guys. I had a couple more beers (Bud Lite for the hell of it) and we laughed throughout the night. I finally left and was safely in bed by 2:15. Yes, a.m.

Yesterday morning I went to my parents' and, along with my sister, we went to breakfast. This was in lieu of a holiday BBQ or dinner, mainly because of my involvement with the theater. We went back to my parents' for a little while and I then went to change into my grubbies and headed to the theater.

Yesterday was Hell Sunday. Most people in the theater now call it Tech Sunday but I stick to the old school vernacular. We moved the remaining set pieces onto the stage, hung the pieces that will fly in, and put finishing touches on the set pieces. The stage crew, which consists of myself, Gabe, Julie, Candace, Lindsey, Karen, and Monica our stage manager we ran through the show twice. This involved coordinating when set pieces get moved into place, at what times the curtain comes down or backdrops are flown in. One scene in particular has really big, really heavy pieces to move. Over all, we thought we did a great job. Tonight will be the challenge: we'll have actors on stage!

I gave Gabe a ride home and I was home shortly after 5 pm. I texted RA to see what he was up to and - because I had originally told him I was busy because that's what I had been told - he had plans to go out with friends. I thought about maybe showing up at the place they were going to but was too tired (and sore) and called it an early night. I was so tired I slept through my neighbor's party!

And now it's Monday, Labor Day! I plan to laze about until tonight's rehearsal at 5. There are a few things I want to do around the house but I'm not going to expend too much energy.

So that's the latest in Behr World. What's happening in your neck of the woods?



Wonder Man said...

That was a festive weekend. RA seems "fun" ;)

Mind Of Mine said...

30 miles, that is a long way to go for a date. Especially when you already thought he might not show up.

Nik_TheGreek said...

wow. You've been busy... :-D
Your date with RA sounds wonderful. When's the next one?

Stan said...

I haven't "parked" with someone in ages. What fun!

Cubby said...

I'm so happy things are going well with RA. Do you guys have another date set up yet?

CJ/Rick said...

You sound like one busy bear.
Parking? I'd have a crick in my neck.