08 September 2011

Behr Bits

I had planned to start blogging a little more regularly but life somehow has gotten in the way. Here's a quick look at what's been going on:

* I'm involved once again with the local community theater, this time as part of the stage crew pushing set pieces around. So far it's been okay but the lack of sleep is starting to make me one cranky behr. I've been getting home from rehearsals at about 11pm every night. The show is "Good News," which was originally staged in 1927. Yeah, no contemporary, provocative material here! It's actually good wholesome fun. The cast is made up mostly of young teenaged and college-aged kids. And yes, there are some not unattractive male members of the cast. I'm not quite certain what it is, but a couple of these seemingly straight boys have gravitated over to the Behr. Maybe I really am putting out the vibes!

* Work is work and basically going well. I finished the project I was working on and although I don't think the training module I developed is that good, I'm getting a lot of positive feedback. I need to remember to thank my boss for giving me the project because it's put me in front of some of the more important movers and shakers and it's helping me to get known in the higher echelon. Which can't be a bad thing, right?

* On the dating front, because of the theater I'm a bit pressed for time. However, where there's a will there's a way. RA came by work the other day, picked me up, and we went off for some smoochies. I continue to be contacted by guys from all over the world who are a bit effusive with the compliments. I'm not going to complain. There's one or two who are nearby who "would love to meet" me. Gotta love Growlr.

* I'll be walking in the 2nd Annual Los Angeles Kidney Walk at the end of September. I just hope the weather is on our side. We're currently suffering through an incredible heatwave with high humidity. I'm trying to stay hydrated as well as cool. It's not working.

That's about all. I desperately want/need sleep. Any sleep donations you have will be cheerfully accepted!



Cubby said...

"...who are a bit effusive with the compliments." What do you expect, you big hottie :-)

Don't let RA get away. Make sure he knows you are interested.

Stan said...

You have the heat and humidity we had here back East all summer. You can keep it! Now we're getting deluged with unbelievable amounts of rain. Everyone's basement is flooded. I wonder what's next?
Yeah, don't let RA get away!

Seth Rogaine said...

I hope you can keep cool in the hot weather, behr.

Wonder Man said...

RA could be something good

CJ/Rick said...

Sounds like you're keeping quite busy.
It's been awile since I had a nooner. You lucky bear! What are all those admirers using to lure you? Honey?