12 June 2011

Sunday Favorite: 58

According to my horoscope, my creativity is low today. So this is going to be just a quick update.

I'm the new owner of an iPhone. After doing a lot of online research and talking to friends about iPhone vs Android, I decided to go for an iPhone. I'm loving it. I had a little frustration initially when I wanted to transfer my contacts but all is good now. For me it is intuitive, perhaps because of my conversion to Mac. I realize that it's not usually a good thing to go with the first generation of a device (I'm on the Verizon network) but figured it wouldn't be that bad. And it isn't.

I had a long week last week....and so I decided to take a half day on Friday. I misjudged my time and had to rush to the train, which left at 12:45. I did make it and was thrilled! But imagine my disappointment when the train completely lost power before even making it out of the station. I ended up taking a later train which left at 2. I ended up home about an hour and a half later than I originally planned.

Today's picture was obtained from the Internet. It being a "favorite" should be obvious. Fur is good.



Wonder Man said...

well I hope you had a good weekend

Howard said...

Your featured model is delicious! Sorry about your delay, but hopefully, your weekend allowed you to recharge

Cubby said...

Congratz on the new phone. Is your number still 69?

I like your Favorite :-)