05 June 2011

Saturday's Walk

Yesterday my mom and I participated in the Los Angeles Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation's "Let's Move Together" 5K walk to raise money and awareness. We walked with my company's team which unfortunately amounted to about 10 people. The walk was held for the third year in a row at Santa Monica Beach near the pier.

My mom (pictured) walked with me. Well, actually she did the 1 mile option and I did the 3 mile option (which did not feel like 3) that included 182 stairs. My mom suffers from Osteoarthritis and so walking is good for her although painful. She is the reason I do this walk every year.

After the walk and hot dogs provided by Wal*Mart, Mom and I went out to the sand and sat for about an hour, just talking and enjoying the view and each other's company. Although we don't see eye-to-eye on some things (like my sexual orientation) we get along well and I really enjoy spending time with her.

After I dropped Mom off and came home I did some laundry and the ironing and took several naps. Although I didn't get other stuff done it was a good day.



Stan said...

Your Mom looks great. Your a good Son. I wish I could walk more but this gout hurts like hell. So much so I mostly walk with a cane now. Arthritis is no fun.

Cubby said...

Good on you, Mark. You mother looks lovely.

Several naps?

Wonder Man said...

it's good your mom joined you

Nik_TheGreek said...

Hey, Congratulations! :-)
Your mother looks lovely.

CJ/Rick said...

Don't you just love Moms and naps! Sounds like a good time.