28 September 2012

Friday Behr News

FINALLY! It's Friday...this has been the longest week...it had at least three Thursdays in it, or so it felt. 

So here's the Behr news....I have a date tonight. Yes! You read that correctly...originally the plan was to meet on Saturday night but through our text messaging he said he can't wait until Saturday and asked if I am free tonight. SO...we're going to meet when he gets off work. Not sure where yet but I'm looking forward to it. And yes, Saturday is still on, too.

Without giving too much away, he's a nice guy, intelligent, employed, handsome, and get this: his birthday is Saturday and he'll be 43! Someone born in the same decade as me!

We had a very nice 58 minute phone conversation last night. We talked a little about our respective pasts, general topics such as interests, food likes, and anecdotes about life. I suspect our dates will go well.

So that's the "big" Behr news to end this week. What do you think?



Stan said...

Sounds like the long week was worth it. Have a great time. Hope it all works out well buddy.

Nik_TheGreek said...

Enjoy your date tonight. Have fun. Let us know how it went.

Matthew Gregory said...

Yay, behr! Have a good time this weekend!

Rick said...

Good for you!