03 September 2012

Labor Day Catch Up

Happy Labor Day!

For my non-American followers, this is a Federal holiday to celebrate the economic and social contribution of workers. It's usually deemed the unofficial end of summer and is celebrated with BBQs with family and friends.

Ironically, this is always the beginning of Hell Week at Whittier Community Theatre (WCT). Our season opener is "Fiddler on the Roof." I'm on the stage crew although I do have a non-speaking walk-across role...don't laugh but I'm the priest! Hahahaha! I'm hoping someone takes my picture in my costume - it's awesome in that 'community theater' sort of way.

On Saturday, we spiked the stage of where the set pieces go (big movable pieces, benches, tables, etc). We also figured out when the Grand (the main curtain) and other curtains are used, opened, closed, etc. Since the stage manager wasn't there, it fell to me to make notes (I'm working backstage). I didn't do too bad although in copying my notes there are some definite holes. Not being familiar with the script I had to keep asking "what happens next?"

Yesterday was Hell Sunday (some people call it Tech Sunday); we finished gathering props, got the lighting programmed, ran through some of the set changes, and the orchestra rehearsed. I was at the theater for about 8 hours. LONG day. But worth it because we had a lot of laughs during the day. I was completely pooped by the time I got home...my feet hurt and my back hurt. All I want to do is sleep, like the bear in today's accompanying picture.

Tonight is the first run through start-to-finish with the orchestra, lighting, and set changes. We'll run through the show every night this week with Opening Night being on Friday. I know I'm going to be exhausted by then. But hopefully it'll all come together and be a great show.

I've been really busy on the work front as well. Thankfully things are going to lighten up somewhat. Next week I'll be attending a five-day training for an upgrade to one of our systems...the class runs 8am to 6pm! YIKES! During the month I'll also be doing some dog-and-pony shows for the web-base system that we're migrating to from the DOS version. Luckily these presentations don't last more than a couple of hours and I get to go home afterwards.

For eight days in August I traveled on one of our light rail lines to another location to do training. I had a funny experience one day on the way home; I noticed this tall big bearish guy get on at one of the stops. I didn't really turn and check him out until he was disembarking. About 10 minutes later he messaged me on Growlr! He said he noticed me. Unfortunately nothing came of it but I thought it was a humorous. 

Posts are going to be a bit light due to work and the theater; I'll try to post when I can but it may not be until next weekend.



Cubby said...

Some day I'm going to connect with you Mark, but after reading this post it won't be today. Have fun with your theatre work.

Stan said...

Good luck with the theatre work. I love your light rail connection stories.

Matthew Gregory said...

Gosh, you weren't kidding when you said you've been busy, behr!