26 August 2012

Behr Movie: Breakfast on Pluto

Last night I watched Breakfast on Pluto that I got from Netflix. It's the story of an Irish transvestite - Patrick "Kitten" Braden - who searches for his mother and ends up finding his father. 

It stars Cillian Murphy as Kitten and boasts a cast that includes Liam Neeson, Brendan Gleeson, and Stephen Rea. The movie is based on the book by Patrick McCabe and is quite different from the novel, according to Wikipedia. The film was directed by Neil Jordan of The Crying Game fame. In the movie, the boy is left on the steps of the church to be found by the priest who promptly places the boy with a haranguing foster mother. The boy grows up to be an effeminate boy who garners the ire of most and yet also garners the life long love and support of friends who accept him for who he is. Her many adventures include joining the IRA, being befriended by a glam rocker, moving to England, becoming a prostitute, getting arrested for an IRA bombing, working as a character at a children's park, working in a peep show, and finally meeting her biological mother. She finds her way back to Ireland and her biological father and best female friend who is pregnant. The movie does have one drawback in my opinion and that is most people recognize that Kitten is indeed male and yet they are either attracted to or accept her with little violence or discrimination. It perhaps could be the time period (60s-70s). On a scale of 1 to 5, I would rate it a 4 or 4.5. It's a little long at 129 minutes but is quite entertaining. In the Extras on the DVD, Neil Jordan says that it is "oddly uplifting" and that it is.



Stan said...

This sounds good. If you want to watch a good film order "Weekend" (2011) which I've ordered but haven't seen yet. Supposed to be really good.
Hope your having a good weekend yourself.

Matthew Gregory said...

I remember when this movie came out. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Rick said...

I'll have to check this out and Stan's suggestion as well. Thanks for the heads up!

Wonder Man said...

sounds good