07 August 2012

Olympic Beef

I'm sure those of us watching the first week of the Olympics have been swooning over the athletic beef. Presented for your consideration is Charles Edward Betts, who participated in the 84kg Greco-Roman Wrestling matches. He unfortunately lost in the 1/8 round. But I have this to say: he could flip me all over any day of the week! He looks quite bearish or cubbish at least. Click the picture to enlarge.

I've been enjoying the Olympics...almost to the detrimental point of not getting enough sleep. It's really important this week for me to be on schedule as I am traveling to our South Bay the next three days to conduct training. Luckily I can take public transportation so I don't have to make the 2 hour drive.

That's about all I have for now - 



Cubby said...

Olympians are H-O-T

Stan said...

I caught some of the Greco-Roman Wrestling matches and they were hot! Love the diving competition too.

Wonder Man said...

this was hot to watch

Stan said...

Love watching the water polo matches.