16 September 2012

Sunday Favorite: 84

Love me some Latin bear! Woof! This guy - whose name I don't know unfortunately - was a contestant in the recent BearsLA "LA Bear and LA Cub" contest...believe it or not he didn't win either title. I wish I'd been there; I would have consoled him into the wee hours of the morning.

I am usually not one to "toot my own horn" but I just have to say - the Behr is FUCKING AWESOME!

Let me explain...as I've blogged, the local community theater is doing Fiddler on the Roof and I'm on the stage crew (with the quick stage cross as the priest). My responsibilities include raising and lowering the grand (main red curtain), opening and closing the midblack travelers (a black curtain), setting props in place for the actors, moving set pieces, and generally assisting the stage manager in ensuring the show runs smoothly. 

If you're familiar with the show, you know at one point Tevye tells his wife a "dream" in which Fruma Sara, the long departed wife of Lazar Wolf, the butch who wants to marry Tzeitel, Tevye's daughter, threatens Tzeitel with death should she marry Lazar. In our production, the woman who plays Fruma Sara stands on a raised platform and is pushed around the stage by one of the actors. Tonight when I arrived at the theater I found out that the actor "strained his back" and is on bed rest. It fell to me to push the woman around.

She's no light thing, either. She's rather on the heavy side, which makes pushing the unit difficult. We ran through the scene twice before the curtain went up. I did it, with one small error (moving her before she finished her song, which she TOTALLY fucks up every performance) but overall it went well. Many of the cast told me how great I did. I really "saved" the show, so-to-speak. The Director told me I am the best "Fruma unit mover EVER!" So make note: I. Am. Fucking. Awesome. It was really nice to have the actors express their thanks and appreciation tonight for all I do. I don't seek glory or applause or compliments but it's nice to get them.

I kind of hope the actor is out for the rest of the show! It's not easy pushing this woman (due to her weight and the floor of the stage is not a smooth surface) but I feel confident that I could do it for the remaining three performances.

Today we have a matinee...it's going to be hell since because of the heatwave. But I'm confident we'll give one of the best performance of the run.

So I'm exhausted. Thank goodness for an after-show beer!

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend.



Stan said...

It's about time someone there gave you praise and credit. Now get some rest.

Rick said...

Fruma Sara might be entering your dreams if she reads your blog.lol
Glad your getting some recognition for all you do. I hope your heatwave is over soon.

Wonder Man said...

So what makes you so awesome?